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Yiwu Youshang Import & Export Co., Ltd. Yiwu Youshang Education is a worldwide leader in manufacturing scientific products. With over 5 million USD in annual sales and global market coverage, we at Youshang continue to confirm our record of proven success in the manufacturing and distribution of over 10,000 scientific and educational products. It is our corporation’s collective theme to remain at the acme of the industry and continually strive for perfection through our commitment to improvement. Youshang standards are to provide quality service and products to our ever-growing range of customers, and to express our core values of accountability, integrity, and reliability in all aspects of our dealings, both internal and external. Our pledge to realize these principles is the foremost reason why Youshang...

Catalogue and Products


Anatomy Model

Human brain, Human Brain Model with Arteries Human Brain Model with Arteries, Nasal Cavity Model, Model of the Liver, Pancreas and Duodenum, Brain model(8), Enlarged skin Model, Giant eye model, Model of the Urinary Bladder, Model of the Larynx, the Heart and the Lungs, Transparent Model of the Lungs, Structure Model of the Male Urogenital Organs, vertical half-section, Structure Model of the Male Urogenital Organs, two parts, Structure Model of the Female Urogenital System, Structure Model of the Female Urogenital Organs, vertical half-sect..., Fetus and Female Pelvic Section During Pregnancy, 4 parts, Cell, Mouth and Tongue Model, Model of the Hip Muscles, Hand Muscles, Tendons and Ligaments, set of 4 models, Acupuncture Points Model, 48 cm, Female Acupuncture Points Model, 48 cm, Acupuncture Points Model, 26 cm, Acupuncture Points Model, 85 cm, Human Eyeball Model, Human Torso Structure Model, Stem Structure of Dicotyledonous Plant, Hydra Structure Model, Model of the Human Body, Model of human brain and its arteries, cut view ( 11 parts), Lymph Node Structure Model , Cell Mechanism (plant & animal), 6 parts , Human Embryo Development Model Set, Minute Animal Cell Structure Model, Human Stomach Structure Model , Intestinal Villi Structure Model , Sections ( 17 ) through a human head and neck model, Grasshopper Structure Model, Animal Cell Submicroscopic Structure Model, Liver Model, Human Ear Structure Model, Liver, Pancreas and Duodenum Structure Model, Brain, Human Skin Structure Model, Larynx Model, Brain Stem Model, Human Ear Microtia Structure Model, Child Torso Model, Model of the structure of Cell membrane, Human Eye Structure Model, Demonstration Model"throat. Section"of plastic, Demonstration Model"Stomach. Section"of plastic, Amphioxus Structure Model, Demonstration Model of Brain. Section of plastic, Demonstration Nose model. Section of plastic, Kidney Structure Model, Root Structure Model, Heart Structure Model, Human Heart Structure Model, Leaf Structure Model, dicotyledonous plant (lima bean), Human Ear Structure Model, Demonstration Human vertebra model of plastic, Model of the Human Heart, Human Kidney Model, Human Eye Structure Model, Human kidney model, Root section model, Human kidney model, Demonstration model -1Lungs -2Heart -1Support -1, Demonstration Model of Brain. Section, Cross section of a pant cell,

Skeleton Model

Teeth Model Set, 3 pieces, Partial Human Skull Model, Nasal Bone Model, Human Skull Model, partial, Sphenoid Bone Model, Cribriform Plate and Ethmoid Bone Model, Vertebrae Bone Model Set, 5 separate vertebrae, Pelvic Bones, Male Pelvic Bones Model, Hand Skeleton Model, immobile, Student Model of the Human Hand, Shoulder Bones, Knee Joint Model with Tendons, Teeth and Jawbone Structure Model, Models of a Sheep's Front & Hind Legs, Models of a Horse's Front & Hind Legs, Coccygeal disc, Ear Bone Model Set, Vertebrae Bone Model Set, 7 separate vertebrae, Human Skull Dissection, Three Caries Teeth of the Upper Jaw Model , Upper teeth model, Model of human foot bones , Model of human hand bones, A movable and multifunctional model of the human vertebrae, Horse and Sheep Leg Bone Models , Human Skeleton Model, 170 cm, Shoulder Joint Model, life-size, Hip Joint Model, life-size, Knee Joint Model with Tendons, elbow Joint Model, Model of Male Pelvic Bones, Female Pelvic Bones with Internal Structure Model, Model of the Pelvis with Lumbar Bones, miniature, Model of the Lumbar Vertebrae, Sacrum and Coccyx Bones, miniature, Model of the Upper Sp&#, Medical Model of Spine Ailments, Tooth Hygiene Demonstration Model , Model"Human skull", Human Skull, color-sectioned , Model of a movable human elbow joint, Rabbit Skeleton Specimen , Human Skeleton Model, 85 cm , Human Skeleton Model, 170 cm, Tooth model, Model of a Set of Teeth ( F ) Enlarged approx,

Specimens&Biological Model

Stegosaurus Model, Iguanodon Model, Tyrannosaurus Model, Model of the lower jaw of an animal., Bust of the Asian-American Race, Bust of the Neanderthal, Bust of the Equatorial Race, Bust of the Cro-Magnon Man, Hand of a chimpanzee (original size) Model, Chimpanzee Bust, Apple Model Set, 7 wild and cultivated kinds, Cornflower Model, Bust of the Australopithecus, Bust of the Eurasian Race Bust, Swan Mussel, immersed specimen, Internal Structure of a Frog, immersed dissection specimen, Internal Structure of a snail, immersed specimen, Internal Structure of a Fish, immersed specimen , Grass Snake, immersed specimen, Immersed Lizard Specimen, Shrimp, immersed specimen , Comparative Collection of 5 Immersed Vertebrate Brain Specimens , Starfish, immersed specimen , Set of 7 Mushroom Models , Sunflower , Cucumber Model, Potato Model, Pepper Model, red , Bell Pepper Model, green, Pumpkin Model, Corn Model, Tomato Model, partially ripe , Garlic Bulb Model, Eggplant Model , Carrot Model , Persimmon Model , Strawberry Model , Pomegranate Model, Kiwi Model, Lemon Model , Mango Model , Banana Model , Pear Model , Apple model , Apple model , Peach Model, Paraffin fruit plaster cast set for drawing, The Life Cycle of a Locust Collection of Preserved Specimens, The Life Cycle of a Silkworm Collection of Preserved Specimens , Peach Flower Model, Wheat Flower Model , Magpie Specimen, Pigeon Specimen, Carp Specimen , Pterodactyl Model, Brachiosaurus Model, Stegocephalia, Plesiosaurus Model, Coelacant Model, Ichthyosaurus Model, Insect Camouflage Sample Collection, Fruits, Cabbage Flower, Potato Flower, Tulip Flower, Pea Flower, Sunflower Flower Model, Wheat Flower Model, Apple Flower, Rat,immersed specimen, Agkistrodon,immersed specimen, Soybean nodule,immersed specimen, Nereis,immersed specimen, Salamander,immersed specimen, Comparative Collection of 5 Immersed Vertebrate Hearts Specimens, Tomatoes,


Microscope Slide Set, Botany 4, Protein Model, Human organs, Cell Structure, magnetic application model, The Nature of Biological Communities, magnetic demonstration cards, Microscope Slide Set, Botany 1 , Microscope Slide Set, Botany 2, Microscope Slide Set, Anatomy 1 , Microscope Slide Set for General Biology 1 , Surgical package, "Eyeball"demonstration apparatus, Petri dish, Dissection Kit, The Insect Container, Cross section of a plant cell., DNA Model,

Bas-relief Models

Dissection model of the internal structure of a human eye.Bas-relief model, Rainworm's Internal Structure, bas relief model, Endocrine Glands, bas relief model, Hydra's Internal Structure, bas relief model, Beetle's Internal Structure, bas relief model, Bas-relief model of the internal organs of a fish, Dog's Internal Structure, bas relief model, Pigeon's Internal Structure, bas relief model, Dissected model of a ruminant ( cud chewing ) animal's stomach, Plant Cell Structure, bas-relief model, Cell structure of a wheat weevil.Bas-relief model, External and internal structure of a root cell.Bas-relief model, Leaf Cell Structure, bas relief model, Plant Stem Structure, bas relief model, Gastropod Mollusk's (snail) Internal Structure, bas relief model, Rabbit's Internal Structure, bas relief model, Human lower jawbone with teeth model, Dissection model of the human inner ear, Male Pelvis, bas relief model, Models of the structure of the human spinal cord.Bas-relief model, Lung Structure, bas relief model, Heart, bas relief model, Ribcage - Positioning of Organs, bas relief model, Kidney, Macro & Microstructures, bas relief model, Bas-relief model of human digestive trac, Urinary System, bas relief model, Human Skin, bas relief model, Stomach, Internal and External Surface, bas relief model, Human brain demonstration Model, Dissection model of the human brain, Dissection model of the human brain, Dissection model of a human thorax, rib cage and intestines, Human Torso Model, 42 cm, Head, vertical, front to back, bas relief model, Heart Structure, bas relief model, Human torso model,

Teaching cards

The set of teaching cards for the basis of the principle of Genetic, The set of teaching cards for animal and plant breeding, The set of teaching cards for animal and plant cells, The set of teaching cards for the growth cycle of the parasite, The set of teaching cards for the evolution of plants and animals, The set of teaching cards for the living environment of Insect and Biology, The set of teaching cards for growth stage of the spine, Crossed Chromosomes, The classification of plants and animals, Chordate reproduction and development, The set of teaching cards for human genetics, The set of teaching cards for depicting different types of bones'union, The set of teaching cards for the cycle of Elements, The set of teaching cards for single-cell algae, Blood type and gene type, Gamo genesis and development of gametal cell, "Rh"Genetic,



Laboratory ammeter for studies , Voltmeter , Demonstration set for energy conversion , Solar cells, motors, speakers for school, Transmission and Reception of Electromagnetic Waves Demonstration D... , Polarization of electromagnetic wave diffraction interference Demonstrator, experiment magnet cartridge, Current experimental box, Laboratory study kit"Electromagnet, folding, with accessories" , Demonstration device on physics"Rhesistor panel"for laboratory expe... , Demonstration arch-type magnet, Laboratory arch-type magnet, Demonstration magnet bar, Laboratory magnet bar (pair) , Reversible electrical machine (engine-generator), Wimshurst Generator demonstrator, MA Table, Demonstration gasoline engine model , Magnetic induction lines demonstrator , Demonstration model of molecule magnetic structure, Laboratory electrical machine model (clastic) , Electric Fields Demonstration Device , Static electricity rods , Static Electricity Demonstration Rods, plastic, Lenz's rule Demonstration device , Magnetic Needle on Stands (pair), Feather electroscopes , Electromagnet, clastic (arch - type), Foil electroscope, Pointer electroscopes, Digital ammeter, Digital voltmeter , magnetic induction lines Demonstration Device , Electrostatic demonstration kit , Calorimeter with a heater(demonstration) 150 ml , Electronic Induction Coil, Hand-Operated AC/DC generator , Lorentz force demonstrator , Transformer 0,5 K , Magnetic nail, Magnetic nail, Connective wires, High Voltage Generator , Double Pull, Double Throw Switch, Magnetic pointers , Demonstration electric motor model , Solar battery (board) , Power Supply, DC voltmeter, Electricity and Chemistry Experiment Kit , Set of ebony and glass rods, magnet field spectrum of the Earth Experimental Set , measurement of Plank's constant Experimental Set, Set of connective wires, Measurement of AC and DC test equipment portfolio, AC DC generator (4 V, 2 A), Ebony, Glass Sticks, Magnetic Mixer , AC DC laboratory voltage supply (5.5V, 2A), Laboratory ammeter for studies, Sliding Rheostat (6 Om) , Sliding Rheostat (100 Ohm),

Measuring instruments&tools

laboratory balance,200g, Demonstration psychrometer, Dynamometer, Dynamometer, Dynamometer, 1N , Dynamometer, 5N, Demonstration laboratory 5H, Compass , Manometer , Ruler for demonstrations, Cubic volume demonstrator, Demonstration model with clock face, Weights with hooks for demonstrations in mechanics (10x50g.) , Tape Measure 20 m, Metal , Tape measure 50m, metal , Moment of force for demonstrations , Demonstration thermometer , Laboratory thermometer , thermometer, weights 200g , Technical balance with weights till 1kg , 500g Balance with Weights , Weight set, 1000 g , Aneroid ( non-liquid ) barometer, 200g Electronic scale, 1000g Electronic Scale , Hydrometer set of liquid, Forcemeter, 10N , Barometer, hydrometer , Laboratory electronic scale, 240g/0.1g, Vacuum manometer (D 10cm) , Vernier Caliper (plastic), Indoor Themometer , Outdoor Themometer,

Mechanics Laboratory Instruments

Demonstration set of pulleys for laboratory works on mechanics , Pulley Set for Mechanical Test Demonstration, Laboratory study buoyancy kit , Laboratory study kit"Mechanics, simple machinery" , Laboratory study kit for heat experiment, Pendulum Group, Demonstration set on physics"Igniter", Hook Stand , hydraulic press Model , Spring oscillator (mechanical oscillations demonstrator), Demonstrator collision, Demonstration model on physics"Newton's tube", Archimede's bucket, Lead cylinders with scraping device, Utility Stand , With the volume of different weights, With the weight of different size, Maxwell's wheel , Breaking pendulum demonstration , Gas internal energy reduction apparatus , Laboratory lever with support , Loop-the-loop demonstrator, Cohesive Force Demonstration Device, Archimedes principle Demonstration device, Mechanics set , Mobile tackle and accessories,


Demonstration Vacuum bell-Jar , Tuning Fork with Resonance Box and Hammer, Vacuum pump for studies, Manual Vacuum Air Pump, Compound Bar , Device for atmospheri, Linear expansion of metal demonstrator, Demonstration Set"Wire shapes for measurement of surface tension of..., Heat Conduction Demonstrator, Weathercock, Hand-Operated Centrifuge, Screen, Hydraulic Pressure Demonstration Device, Demonstration model"Ball with a ring"on thermodynamics on physics, Optical experiment, Pascal's ball Demonstration Model, Gas law demonstrator, Demonstration device "Liquefaction of gases", Stainless steel platform, Inclining prism with slope Demonstration Device, Convection current demonstrator (17x15), Stainless Steel Water Distiller, Multipurpose Tripod Stand, Laboratory set storage, Classroom noise monitor ,


Molecular model

Molecular Construction Kit , Demonstration model of Diamond Molecular Structure , Demonstration model of Graphite Molecular Structure, Iron Molecular Structure Model, Copper Molecular Structure Model , Sodium Chloride Molecular Structure Model, Molecular Construction Kit , Silica Molecular Structure Model, Carbon-60 Molecular Structure Model , Demonstration model Ice Crystal Molecular Structure, Sodium Chloride Molecular Structure Model, Carbon Dioxide Molecular Structure Model, Atomic Structure Model , Molecular Construction Kit , 4-Bond Carbon Molecule Model , 5-Bond Carbon Molecule Model, 6-Bond Chlorine Molecule Model, 6-Bond Sodium Molecule Model , Silicon Dioxide Molecular Structure Model, Sodium Chloride Molecular Structure Model , Molecular structure models, Ball, 20mm, 2 legs, white, legs, legs, legs, Magnesium Molecular Structure Model, Molecular Models,


Collection "Metals", Collection"Petroleum and its processed products"(demonstration), Demonstration collection"Glass and its products"(2 boxes) 20 samples , Demonstration collection"Fuel"10 samples, Demonstration collection"Cast iron and steel products"(2 boxes), Melamine Board(Red beech--color),


Tweezers , Well Plate, 9 holes , Well Plate, 6 holes , Universal ring stand, Test Tube Clamp , Transfer Pipette (yellow, plastic), Study device for demonstration of thermal expansion of liquids , Positive and negative charged ions, Closed-Sided Hoffman Hose Clamp, Copper Deflagration Spoon , Crucible Tongs, Mortar & Pestle , Test Tube Tongs , Chemistry lab set, Ph Test Paper , Ozone Generator, Battery experimen, Eudiometer, Ethyl Alcohol Oxidation Above Copper Catalyst , Plastic Overflow Cup , Four-Prong Utility Clamp , Test-tube brush, Test-tube brush, Wooden Test Tube Rack , Digital Thermometer -60 > +200°C, Chemical analysis-basics, Filter Paper, Chemistry Experiment glass funnel equipment , Balances for studies , Thermometer from -20 to +70 C, Demonstration Thermometer from 0 to 200 C, Set of measured utensils from polypropylene , Ring Stand Set with Accessories,


Glass alcohol lamp, Clear glass flask, Burette, Florence flask, Florence flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Flask, Erlenmeyer flask, Halogen producer, Test tube, Glass alcohol lamp, Small bottle, Erlenmeyer flask, Florence flask, Gas generator , storage bottle, Crystallizing dish,


High-level Mathematics Tool Kit , Fractions , Geometric Shape Model Set (5 pieces), Demonstration set of Geometric Solids (15 pieces) , Set of transparent geometry bodies of palstic with sections, 1 m school straightedge in wood , Symmetry demonstration kit , Magnetic teaching aid for primary school , Cuboid Prism Length and Surface Area Demonstration Device , Set of rulers for blackboard , Demomstration set of wooden geometrical solids , Demonstration set"Stereometry",


Globe, evolution of the earth, Layers of the crust, Collection “Scale of &#, the effect of fault lines on the earth's structure, Compass, Globe of the world,


Convex mirror, Optics experimental kit, Magnifying glass , Periscope, Magnifying Glass Mounted on a base with flexible arm, Microscope, Polarizer, Trapezoid Light microscopy, Convex lens, Convex lens, Concave lens, Transparent Semi-circle Plate ,

Metal and Woodworking tools

Plane, Woodworking Toolbox, Flat chisel, Springs, Vernier caliper,



Cabinet for lab, Cabinet for lab, Cabinet for lab, Cabinet for lab, Attachment Bench, Cabinet for lab, Lab Sink Table, Stainless Steel Double Sink, Test Worktable, Test Worktable, Fume Hood, Fume Hood for demonstration, Worktable for titration, Worktable for balance, Workingtable for equipment, Workingtable for equipment, Worktable for balance, Worktable for test tube rack, Test Worktable, Workingtable for equipment, Attachment Bench,


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